Who We Are

Wrapper Direct Inc. (WDI) is committed to helping our clients discover the ideal pallet / skid / stretch / shrink wrapping machine at a price that fits their needs perfectly!
Let us utilize our extensive 35+ years of experience in the wrapping industry to assist you.

We accommodate both novice and seasoned buyers!
We provide brand-new wrapping equipment as an authorized sales representative / agent for reputable manufacturers of quality wrappers, including:

We also provide pre-owned wrapping equipment sourced through a network of used equipment partners.

Products available include:

We provide complimentary and non-obligatory technical support, equipment comparisons, and quotations.

Quotations encompass the equipment cost, estimated shipping expenses, installation services estimate, financial services, and more.

Contact us today to obtain complimentary consultations and quotes without any obligation!

Wrapper Direct's website is crafted to offer a comprehensive one-stop online shopping experience, featuring:

  • Selection guides
  • Product comparisons
  • Model specifications
  • Full listings of options
  • Manufacturer's suggested list prices
  • Financial (leasing) services
  • and more ...

... within a contemporary and user-friendly online web interface.

The Significance of Our Name:

"Wrapper" pertains to the product, specifically, pallet stretch wrapping machines (i.e. wrappers) and related equipment.

"Direct" signifies the business model of Wrapper Direct Inc., which involves shipping brand new equipment directly from the factory to our customers' doors.

We Believe

Wrapper Direct Inc. is committed to upholding elevated standards. The following "We Believe" statements articulate the core business principles we adhere to, crafted to not only meet but surpass our customers' expectations.

We Believe Statements

  • ... that customers expect to be able to search on line for what they need. This site strives to provide all the information you need to make an informed choice concerning pallet wrappers.

  • ... that a customer should be able to select and customize a wrapping machine without having a salesperson dictate what manufacturer or model it should be. The technical specifications format in all the Product Pages is similar for all machines, helping to facilitate a side-by-side comparison, and allow you to make the choices.

  • ... that a customer should be presented with all the options available for each machine model, as well as the technical specifications.  You can see what options might be of interest and help you to customize a system that will truly minimize your wrapping costs and maximize your efficiency.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE!  There are non-standard options available to address specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need an option you don't see listed, or have a particular need or requirement.

  • ... that when a customer is selecting a wrapping solution to meet their needs, the budget is very much a factor in the decision making process.  You don't want to waste time evaluating equipment and options that you can't afford. That is why pricing is front and center on virtually all product offerings.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE!  Please keep in mind that due to supplier agreements,

    sometimes only the Manufacturer's Suggested Resale Pricing (MSRP) can be published!
    (aka. List Price.)

    Additional discounts may be available!

    Contact Wrapper Direct to obtain a quotation for a machine.

  • ... that when guidance is required, a sales agent should be available to address all of the customers questions and concerns. That is why we do our best to make sure technically savvy sales support is available to you, when you need it. (See below)

  • ... that when a customer wants to speak to a sales agent, that support should be available in a variety of different ways. Wrapper Direct supports:

    • Toll free phone
    • Voice mail
    • Email
    • Contact us forms
    • Fax
    • Text messaging
    • and more ...

      Everything is designed to connect you to us no matter where you, or we, are!

  • ... that when a customer needs assistance, they should be able to reach sales support in a reasonable amount of time. This is why Wrapper Direct Inc. is committed to responding to all requests as soon as possible.  We strive to respond to inquiries that same day if at all possible, or no later than the end of the next business day in the worst case scenario.

  • ... that the more than 30 years experience in the pallet stretch wrapping industry by our senior sales agent is a valuable resource that will benefit you. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

  • ... that our uniquely honest approach to supplying advice and equipment to meet our customer's needs will ensure the successful and satisfactory supply of equipment on time and on budget.