Product Information

Signode (Muller) Octopus B-Series


Manufacturer: Muller LCS


Model: B-Series


Factory Quote Required Conveyorized rotary ring automatic; for standard to large load sizes; medium speeds; for use with inline automated conveyor line.


State: New


Type: Rotary Ring


Structure: Gantry


Controls: Automatic


Film Carriage: Powered Pre-Stretch


Signode (Muller) Octopus™ B-Series Rotary Ring Pallet Stretch Wrapper
(models: Octopus 1825B, 1835B, 1840B, and 2325B)

Designed for medium to high speed production rates, these model pallet wrappers accomplish throughput speeds exceeding those possible with common conventional turntable and rotary tower automatics, while gaining the film savings achieved by running non-standard wrap patterns only available to rotary ring automatics.  They also feature an impressive array of available options to maximize efficiency and adapt to oversizes loads.

This model line is the same equipment trusted by many North American Fortune 500 companies to manage their materials and maintenance costs, and increase throughput, maximizing the efficiency of their wrapping process.

The Muller Octopus' innovative and patented wrapping ring allows the pallet to remain stationary while the balanced Film Carriage rotates around the pallet as the ring moves vertically. The Cut and Seal system is mounted to the Ring Frame, and enables the Cut and Seal sequence to occur anywhere on the load (top, middle, or bottom) and leaves absolutely no tail! This feature allows the Octopus wrapper to accomplish a true one way wrap. (Conventional design stretch wrappers require the Film Carriage to return from where it started in order to capture the film in the Film Clamp, putting film on the load which may not be required for load containment.) Taking advantage of this "One Way Wrap" enables the Octopus wrapper to use less film than most any other conventional stretch wrapper in the industry, typically achieving film savings of 30% or more!

  • Cut and seal can occur anywhere on the load (top, middle, or bottom) allowing one way and banding wrap patterns, and the implementation of previously impossible wrapping options right in the wrap zone
  • One way wrap significantly reduces cost of packaging per load and increases system throughput
  • Suitable for unstable loads which cannot accommodate rotation
  • Can often be installed over existing conveyors
  • Load weights are limited only by the conveying system
  • Fully automated operation does not require an operator (loads are transferred in and out via automated conveyor)
  • Fully automated film clamp, cutter, and "no tail" sealer (No Touch-No Tail (NT2) Seamer)
  • Pre-stretch film carriage maximizes the stretching of the film, significantly reducing the cost of packaging per load and produces a superior shipping package
  • Available options accommodate needs for extra tall loads, alternate pass-heights, wrap pattern variations, and more
  • Achieves greater reliability and reduced maintenance costs due to the non-load bearing wrapping component design
  • Larger floor space requirement (compared to fully automatic turntable systems, but similar to rotary tower systems)
  • Permanent installation required (i.e. not fork lift portable)
  • Increased installation costs (professional installation recommended)
  • Requires higher supply voltages
  • Requires pneumatic power (air)

Common Available Options:

  • Height extension (taller loads)
  • Pass-height customization
  • Pallet lift device
  • Load stabilizer (gravity)
  • Integrated top sheet dispenser
  • Corner post applicator
  • LogoWrap system
  • Roping device
  • Tail tucker
  • OctoMax performance monitoring system
  • Ring maintenance locks
  • Safety light curtains
  • Conveyors
  • Control system expansion (eg. conveyor controls, etc.)
  • PLC, HMI, and VFD drive customizations
  • and more ...



  • Rotation Speed: 0 to maximum of 20-40 RPM  (Dependent upon model chosen)
  • Loads Per Hour: Up to 100 LPH (Dependant upon model chosen, load size, wrap pattern selection, and conveyor speed and logic) 

Load Specifications:

  • Maximum Load Size: 1800 series - 48"W x 61"L (77" diagonal), typically 80"H (Customizable to suit application requirements)
  • Maximum Load Size: 2300 series - 67"W x 80"L (104" diagonal), typically 80"H (Customizable to suit application requirements)
  • Maximum Load Weight: Unlimited (Dependent upon conveyor)

Film Delivery:

  • Film Delivery: Easy thread design, tach feedback, "S" film threading pattern, powered pre-stretch
  • Pre-stretch: up to 300%
  • Post-stretch: HMI adjustable tension control
  • Film Type: Machine film, 20" roll width, 10" diameter, 3" core

Rotation System:

  • Ring Rotation System: Reinforced belt, SEW Eurodrive, VFD

Lift System:

  • Film Carriage Lift: Reinforced belt, SEW Eurodrive, VFD

Power Requirements:

  • Power Requirement: 480 VAC, 3 PH, 60 Hz (other voltages available)
  • Pneumatic Requirement: 3 CFM @ 80 PSI


  • Controller: Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC (other PLC's available)
  • Operator Interface: OctoFACE Colour HMI
  • Wrap Programs: Single wrap, Double wrap, and Banding (customizations available)
  • Wrap Parameters: Separate top and bottom wrap counts, separate ring up/down speeds (overlap), variable ring rotation speed, auto height photoeye (overwrap), programmable tension control

Cut and Seal:

  • Fully automated impulse heated cut wire and NT2 heat seal pad


  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Portability: None, permanent installation



Delivery: Shipping services or factory pick up are available. Production lead times vary according to season, model, and options chosen. Please contact us for details.


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Product Options

  • Standard equipment options allow you to adapt the machine for oversize and heavier loads.
  • Other options allow you to streamline your production process and increase efficiency.
  • Custom options and modifications are available to meet specific needs.

Pricing for options is in CAD or USD.
Discounts off list pricing shown may be available.


* All products are designed for operation in a typical warehouse environment (dry, clean, heated).

Options may be available to adapt these machines for operation in other environments (eg. cold, wet, dusty, etc.).

Operation of these machines in conditions for which they were not designed might reduce the life expectancy of the machine and/or negate the warranty.