Product Information

Phoenix PRTA-2100


Manufacturer: Phoenix


Model: PRTA-2100


Price: Factory Quote Required


State: New


Type: Rotary Arm


Structure: Cantilevered Frame


Controls: Automatic


Film Carriage: Powered Pre-Stretch






Attachment: Phoenix PRTA-2100.jpg




Attachment: Phoenix PRTA-2100 - Machine Specifications.pdf


Attachment: Phoenix PRTA-2100-Automatic-Rotary-Arm-Wrapper-Layout.pdf






Product Options

  • Standard equipment options allow you to adapt the machine for oversize and heavier loads.
  • Other options allow you to streamline your production process and increase efficiency.
  • Custom options and modifications are available to meet specific needs.

Pricing for options is in CAD or USD.
Discounts off list pricing shown are available.


* All products are designed for operation in a typical warehouse environment (dry, clean, heated).

Options may be available to adapt these machines for operation in other environments (eg. cold, wet, dusty, etc.).

Operation of these machines in conditions for which they were not designed might reduce the life expectancy of the machine and/or negate the warranty.