Product Information

CUSTOM: Window / Door / Panel Wrappers


Manufacturer: Various


Model: Various


Factory Quote Required Turntable or Orbital; Semi-automatic or Fully Automatic; Load Size and Weight Capacity: Build-To-Suit.


State: New


Type: Turntable
Horizontal / Orbital


Structure: Low Profile
High Profile


Controls: Foot Switch


Film Carriage: Non Pre-Stretch
Powered Pre-Stretch


Window / Door / Panel Wrappers

These machines are a variant of the common turntable semi-automatic pallet wrapper specifically designed to accommodate the wrapping of large rectangular products such as windows, doors, door frames, panels, electrical cabinets, etc.

  • Semi-automatic machine, does not require the active participation of the operator throughout the whole wrap cycle, allowing him/her to work productively elsewhere while the load is wrapped automatically
  • The load stabilizing top platen is manually placed at the top of the load to hold the product which cannot accommodate rotation unsupported
  • Available pre-stretch film carriage maximizes the stretching of the film, significantly reducing the cost of packaging per load
  • Available pre-stretch produces superior shipping package
  • Available conventional stretch film carriage mimics the application of handwrap for particular applications that require this
  • An array of available options accommodates needs for over-sized loads and wrap pattern variations
  • Fork lift portable
  • No air supply required
  • Minimal installation costs
  • Requires operator to manually load the machine by lowering the load holding top platen onto the load, attach the film to the load, start the wrap cycle, cut and seal the film, raise the top platen, and remove the load from the machine
  • Load supporting turntable has maximum load weight limitations
  • Turntable wearing parts require more frequent maintenance

Common Options:

  • Height extension (extend tower to accomodate taller loads)
  • Base extension  (larger loads)
  • Boxed Base Surround Plating (turntable surround)
  • Electronic Scale Package
  • Custom adaptations


Phoenix Window - Door Wrapper - 3D, 240h.jpgMach 1 SONIX LPX Window Wrapper - 3D, 240h.jpg





  • Rotation Speed: Up to 15 RPM 
  • Loads Per Hour: Up to 30 LPH (Dependant upon wrap pattern selection, loading method, and operator proficiency.) 

Load Specifications:

  • Maximum Load Size: Application specific
  • Maximum Load Weight: Application specific

Film Delivery:

  • Film Delivery: Conventional stretch or Powered Pre-stretch
  • Pre-stretch: Application specific
  • Post-stretch: Mechanical or Electronic film tension control
  • Film Type: Machine film, 20" Roll width, 10" Diameter, 3" Core

Rotation System:

  • Turntable Rotation System: Typically chain driven, AC or DC motors
  • Turntable Diameter: Application specific
  • Support: Manufacturer and application specific

Lift System:

  • Film Carriage Lift: Typically dual #50 chain lifting system, AC or DC motor

Power Requirements:

  • Power Requirement: Typically 120 VAC /15 A / 60 HZ
  • Pneumatic Requirement: none 


  • Controller: Typically micro-processor or PLC
  • Operator Interface: Manufacturer and application specific
  • Wrap Programs: Manufacturer and application specific

Cut and Seal:

  • Manual process, by operator


  • Frame: Welded steel
  • Portability: Manufacturer and application specific

Concept Video:



Phoenix Evolve - Panel Wrapper - 1024w, 3D.jpg



Delivery: From 6 weeks. Factory Quote Required


Attachment: Phoenix Window - Door Wrapper - 3D.jpg


Attachment: Mach 1 SONIC LPX Window Wrapper - 3D.jpg


Attachment: Phoenix Evolve - Panel Wrapper - 1024w, 3D.jpg


Attachment: Phoenix - Special V Bracket Holder Top Platen for Variable Panel Height.png






Product Options

  • Standard equipment options allow you to adapt the machine for oversize and heavier loads.
  • Other options allow you to streamline your production process and increase efficiency.
  • Custom options and modifications are available to meet specific needs.

Pricing for options is in CAD or USD.
Discounts off list pricing shown may be available.


* All products are designed for operation in a typical warehouse environment (dry, clean, heated).

Options may be available to adapt these machines for operation in other environments (eg. cold, wet, dusty, etc.).

Operation of these machines in conditions for which they were not designed might reduce the life expectancy of the machine and/or negate the warranty.