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Manufacturer: Mach 1 Packaging Ltd.




Factory Quote Required TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE (Coming Soon - NEW CUT / SEAL DESIGN!) - Portable-auto (auto cut and wipe down seal); with pre-stretch; for standard load sizes and weights; with ramp option.


State: New


Type: Turntable


Structure: Low Profile


Controls: Automatic


Film Carriage: Powered Pre-Stretch



This is a popular product, meeting the demand for a standard duty, forklift portable (front and rear), low profile turntable, portable automatic, with pre-stretch, and available options to meet common needs.

  • Portable-automatic machine, does not require the active participation of the operator throughout the whole wrap cycle, allowing him/her to work productively elsewhere while the load is wrapped automatically
  • Remote start options enable the operator to start the wrap cycle without approaching the panel (i.e. fork truck operators do not need to dis-mount)
  • Automatic cut and wipe down seal at end of wrap cycle means load is ready to take away ... no need for fork truck operators to dis-mount
  • Pre-stretch film carriage maximizes the stretching of the film, significantly reducing the cost of packaging per load
  • Pre-stretch produces superior shipping package
  • Full array of available options accommodates needs for over-sized loads and wrap pattern variations
  • Fork lift portable
  • Requires operator to manually load and unload the turntable
  • Requires pneumatic power (air)
  • Increased installation costs (professional installation recommended)
  • Load supporting turntable has maximum load weight limitations
  • May not be suitable for unstable loads which cannot accommodate rotation
  • Turntable load bearing parts require more frequent maintenance
  • Need ramp to load with pallet trucks or powered-walkies

Common Options:

  • Remote start lanyard switch
  • Standard duty loading ramp for pallet jack
  • Extended heavy duty ramp for electrical walkie
  • Wrap height extension for taller pallets
  • Turntable surround deck for pit mounting
  • Scale package with digital weight indicator
  • 20” film carriage
  • Safety guarding around wrap zone



  • Rotation Speed: 0-12 RPM 
  • Loads Per Hour: Up to 25 LPH

Load Specifications:

  • Maximum Load Size: 50" W x 50" L x 86" H (70" Load diagonal)
  • Maximum Load Weight: 5,000 lbs 

Film Delivery:

  • Film Delivery: 20" pre-stretch film carriage
  • Pre-stretch: 200% Factory default pre-stretch level
  • Post-stretch: Electronic film tension control
  • Film Type: 20" MACHINE FILM, 3" CORE

Rotation System:

  • Turntable Rotation System: DC SCR variable speed drive
  • Turntable Diameter: 70"
  • Support: 

Lift System:

  • Film Carriage Lift: Heavy duty ANSI #45 chain carriage lift

Power Requirements:

  • Power Requirement: 115VAC, 15A, 60Hz (FOR BATTERY CHARGER) 
  • Pneumatic Requirement: 


  • Controller: 
  • Operator Interface: 
  • Wrap Programs: Standard wrap up & down, gentle cycle feature (for light or unstable pallets), reinforce wrap function
  • Wrap Parameters: 

Cut and Seal:


  • Frame: Welded steel
  • Portability:


  • 3/5 years limited

Delivery: Shipping services or factory pick up are available. Production lead times vary according to season, model, and options chosen. Please contact us for details.


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