Product Information



Manufacturer: Mach 1 Packaging Ltd.




Price: MSRP from the mid-$6,000's CAD


State: New


Type: Turntable


Structure: High Profile


Controls: Semi-Automatic


Film Carriage: Non Pre-Stretch


Mach 1 ROCKET HP Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapper

This is wrapper meets the demand for a standard duty, portable, high profile turntable, semi-automatic, that is able to use standard hand wrap (18") or machine wrap (20").

  • Semi-automatic operation does not require the active participation of the operator throughout the whole wrap cycle, allowing him/her to work productively elsewhere while the load is wrapped automatically
  • Lowers manpower costs (vs. manual operations)
  • Extended wrap height option accommodates taller loads
  • Forklift portable
  • Uses standard 120 VAC outlets (move machine and plug in wherever is convenient)
  • Negligible installation costs
  • Non pre-stretch film carriage limits possible stretch of film increasing cost of packaging per load
  • Non pre-stretch film carriage creates sub-standard shipping package
  • May result in increased transportation costs due to improperly secured loads
  • Load supporting turntable has maximum load weight limitations
  • Turntable load bearing parts require more frequent maintenance
  • May not be suitable for unstable loads which cannot accommodate rotation

Common Options:

  • Wrap height extension for taller loads
  • Frame extension for larger than standard loads
  • 30" film carriage




  • Rotation Speed: 0-14 RPM 
  • Loads Per Hour: Up to 35 LPH (Dependant upon wrap pattern selection, loading method, and operator proficiency.) 

Load Specifications:

  • Maximum Load Size: 56" W x 56" L x 80" H (80" Load diagonal)
  • Maximum Load Weight: 5,000 lbs 

Mach 1 E-STRETCH FILM CARRIAGE - 240h, 3D.jpg

Film Delivery:

  • Film Delivery: Mach 1 "E-STRETCH" film carriage
  • Post-stretch: 0 to 150%
  • Post-stretch: Electronic film tension control, adjustable film tension
  • Film Type: Hand wrap (18"), machine wrap (20"), or pre-stretched film

Mach 1 HP PRO-GLIDE Turntable - 165w, 3D.jpgRotation System:

  • Turntable Rotation System: Chain driven, 1/2 HP 90 VDC (Raytron DC drive board)
  • Turntable Diameter: 48" octagonal
  • Support: PRO-GLIDE turntable support system

Lift System:

  • Film Carriage Lift: Chain driven, 1/2 HP 90 VDC

Power Requirements:

  • Power Requirement: 120 VAC, 15A, 1 Phase, 60 Hz 
  • Pneumatic Requirement: none 

Mach 1 DIGI-TECH Control Panel - 240h, 3D.jpgControls:

  • Controller: DIGI-TECH control unit
  • Operator Interface: Membrane keypad with digital display
  • Wrap Programs: Standard wrap up & down, gentle cycle feature (for light or unstable pallets), reinforce wrap function
  • Wrap Parameters: Top wraps (1 to 10), bottom wraps (1 to 10)

Cut and Seal:

  • Manual process, by operator


  • Frame: Welded steel
  • Portability: Forklift tubes


  • 1 year limited

Delivery: Stock to 4 weeks for standard machine (dependent upon current shop loading and options chosen)


Attachment: Mach 1 ROCKET HP - 1024w, 3D.jpg


Attachment: Mach 1 ROCKET L-LP-H-HP - Sales Brochure.pdf


Attachment: Mach 1 E-STRETCH FILM CARRIAGE - 495w, 3D.jpg








Product Options

  • Standard equipment options allow you to adapt the machine for oversize and heavier loads.
  • Other options allow you to streamline your production process and increase efficiency.
  • Custom options and modifications are available to meet specific needs.

Pricing for options is in CAD or USD.
Discounts off list pricing shown are available.

Yes+ $3,750.00
Yes+ $1,225.00
Yes+ $350.00
Yes+ $550.00
Yes+ $1,100.00
Yes $0.00
Yes+ $250.00
Yes+ $475.00
Yes $0.00
Yes+ $250.00
Yes+ $250.00
Yes+ $125.00
Yes+ $150.00
Yes+ $250.00
Yes $0.00
Yes $0.00
Yes $0.00


* All products are designed for operation in a typical warehouse environment (dry, clean, heated).

Options may be available to adapt these machines for operation in other environments (eg. cold, wet, dusty, etc.).

Operation of these machines in conditions for which they were not designed might reduce the life expectancy of the machine and/or negate the warranty.