Video Library

A collection of informative videos from various manufacturer's and WDI sources demonstrating the functionality and features of the wrapping equipment available through Wrapper Direct Inc.


Mach 1 Packaging Ltd.

Mach 1 Packaging Ltd. has invested many years of development in the engineering and manufacturing of stretch packaging machines and systems. Capitalizing on these 30 years of experience in the industry, Mach 1 can be a valuable partner for modernizing and upgrading your end-of-the-line packaging process.

Phoenix Wrappers ULC

Phoenix Wrappers is a leading pallet shrink wrap machine manufacturer. Phoenix Wrappers specializes in a full-range of stretch wrap equipment from semi-automatic up to high speed fully automatic customized material handling systems.

Signode (Muller LCS)

Signode's (Muller) corporate headquarters is located in Glenview, illinois (United States) and together with its manufacturing counterparts in Europe (including Haloila) provide a standardized equipment offering that is consistent worldwide. Muller (Signode) is able to provide its customers with improved technology, a wider array of innovative equipment solutions, and a worldwide network of support. In addition, Muller’s operations in Montreal, Canada continues to focus on delivering innovative retrofits and cost saving enhancements to existing equipment installations.