Phoenix Wrappers ULC

Started in 1994, Phoenix Wrappers is a leading pallet shrink wrap machine manufacturer. Phoenix Wrappers specializes in a full-range of stretch wrap equipment from semi-automatic up to high speed fully automatic customized material handling systems. Having a well-earned reputation of dependable, “built like a tank” machine design, Phoenix continues to provide stretch wrap machinery that can handle our customer’s worst conditions with ease.

Continual product line improvement and new product development ensures that Phoenix is providing a competitive product that continues to meet the needs of the market.

Phoenix PLP/PHP Semi-automatic Turntable Series

Phoenix PHP-2100 - Easy Threading Film Carriage Explained

Phoenix Stretch Wrapper with Film Slitting Option - for Wrapping Produce

Phoenix Custom - Door / Window / Panel Wrapper

Phoenix PLP-2150 with Electric Top Platen

Phoenix PHPA-2150 Automatic Pallet Wrapper - Cut & Wipe Overview

Phoenix Wrapper PRTL-2150A

Phoenix Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper - Distribution Centers

Phoenix Automatic Stretch Wrapper - Many Applications and Industries


Phoenix PCTA-2000 with Film Slitter

Phoenix PCTA-2100 with Top Sheet Dispenser - Bagged Cement Industry

Phoenix PCTA-2300 with Top Sheet Dispenser

Phoenix PRTA Rotary Arm Series Pallet Wrapper

Phoenix PRTA-2200 with In Cycle Top Sheet Applicator - Brick and Block Industry

Phoenix PRRA-2100 Rotary Ring Pallet Wrapper - Wrapping PET Bottles

Phoenix PRRA-4000 Rotary Ring - Dairy Industry