Pallet Wrapper

"Pallet Wrapper" is a common (and technically correct) way to describe the majority of equipment offered for sale by Wrapper Direct.  Other terms commonly used to describe this type of machine are: Stretch Wrapper, Skid Wrapper, and (technically incorrect) Shrink Wrapper.

wooden-pallet.jpgThe "Pallet" portion of this term refers to the purpose of this equipment:

to wrap products that are to be shipped on pallets, in plastic, in order to facilitate shipping.

Common examples of palletized products that can be wrapped:

  • Pallet, Wrapped - 3D, 240h.jpgcardboard boxes
  • trays
  • cartons
  • sacks
  • bins
  • furniture
  • filing cabinets
  • automotive assemblies

... or pretty well anything else that might be produced in a manual or automated process, and put on a pallet for transport.

Muller LCS Raptor Plus - 3d, 240h.jpg"Pallet" wrappers are designed to partially or completely automate the process of "wrapping" these "loads" with inexpensive and easy to manage "plastic".  Common terms for this load containment material are "Hand Wrap", "Machine Wrap", "Plastic Wrap" and "Stretch Film".

Products contained for transport in this way (aka. unitization or load containment) are much more likely to maintain load integrity during transport, and arrive intact at their destination ... reducing or eliminating transportation damage.  In fact, many transport carriers will not accept pallet loads of product like this unless they are wrapped.

Pallet Load, Wrapped.jpgOther advantages of wrapping include:

  • theft deterrence
  • dust protection
  • weather proofing
  • the ability to fully automate the packaging process

Mach 1 SONIX LPX Window Wrapper - 3D, 240h.jpg

Many other types of automated wrapping are also possible ... even though the product is not on a pallet.

"Door and Window" wrappers are a common variant of the typical turntable style semi-automatic machine when coupled with a load holding top platen.


Mach 1 Automatic Orbital - 3D, 190h.jpg

Other things such as:

  • bundles of pipe
  • lumber
  • plastic extrusions
  • doors
  • windows

can be wrapped with a horizontal ring wrapper (aka. orbital wrapper).

Octopus Cocoon Wrapper - 3D, 240h.jpgLarge coils and rolls of product, such as:

  • steel coils
  • paper tissue
  • rolls of material

can be cocoon wrapped in a process that combines a stretch wrapper with a load roller.


Pallet Wrappers For Sale

Wrapper Direct Inc. is in the business of supplying pallet wrappers to our customers.

Our fundamental business practice is captured in the Wrapper Direct name ... to provide brand new pallet WRAPPERs ... DIRECT from the manufacturer's factory floor, to the purchaser's factory floor.

Wrapper Direct Inc. is an authorized agent and representative for several North American based manufacturer's of quality pallet wrapping equipment.  We are also associated with many other industry suppliers (North American and European) ensuring the availability of equipment capable of meeting every customer's pallet wrapping needs.

That said, we also offer quality used wrapping equipment for sale.  This helps our customers to manage costs in the midst of budget concerns, or if delivery restrictions mandate an alternative approach to waiting for a new machine to be assembled.

Leasing options for both new and used equipment is available.

Other services:

  • shipping
  • installation services
  • after-sale support
  • equipment maintenance
  • breakdown services
  • parts
  • retrofits
  • upgrades
  • etc.

are also available through a network of Wrapper Direct's industry partners.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.  All consultations are free of charge and commitment.